About Us

About Us

Beit Sahour Cooperative Society for Health welfare was established in 1959 by a group of community activists and pioneers in the field of civic duties and citizenship. Our services cover Bethlehem Governorate with around 200.000 inhabitants distributed on three towns, three refugee camps, and 32 villages and communities. Our major beneficiaries are women and babies and constitute round 70% of our clients. As a non-profit cooperative, our prices are almost 30-50% less than similar health services in the region for the public and our members benefit discounts on all society services.

Currently we have 200 families of around 1000 members (head of households), who constitute the general assembly of the cooperative and membership is still open. New members pay 100 JD as registration fee and one JD monthly fee for each family member (wife and children); in return they receive all clinical checkups for free, pay 40% of laboratory services, surgery and prescribed medicine. The board serves for two years and is elected by the general assembly.

 Mother and child care are at the heart of our health programs. Our approach is to follow up with the pregnant woman with best quality service and minimal cost; we collect     NIS  30.- for each monthly visit which include the fees of the specialist doctor, ultra sound, blood tests and all other needed controls. Our pediatric clinic follows up the new born baby up to three months free of charge.

Our vision: Qualitative and affordable health care is a basic human right and all social groups have the right to access health care services. 

Our mission: To provide an affordable and qualitative health services to our members and the larger community of Bethlehem Governorate with focus on primary health care and child/mother welfare. The poor and the marginalized groups are our main target groups.

Our services

  1. 24 hour emergency clinic, general practitioner clinic, pediatric clinic, day care surgery and delivery ward, internal medicine and cardiology, obstetrics and gynecology, ENT, orthopedic and neurology, cardiology diagnostic clinic, pharmacy, digital x-ray unit, 3Ds dabbler ultra sound and laboratory tests.
  2. Community health education program
  • well baby clinic follow up with the pregnant woman and newborn babies for the first six months of age with best quality service and minimal cost; we collect NIS 30 for each monthly visit that include the fees of the specialist doctor, ultra sound, blood tests, vitamins distribution,  and all other needed controls.
  • Health education/awareness is an ongoing program and focus on pregnancy and pregnant women, delivery, health care during pregnancy and after delivery, nutrition for mother and baby, and home visiting to each delivery. These activities are done. Health awareness sessions are given to pregnant women and newly deliveries at the hospital, home visits, follow up with newborn babies, and distribution of medication, supplementary vitamins distribution, and lap tests.
  • In 2012 we included within our community health education program awareness building issues on women cancers and we are approaching these issues by public lectures, distribution of health pamphlets and through an outreach program by which we reach eastern and western villages of Bethlehem Governorate and conduct three hours workshops by specialized doctors and health workers.

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