Shepherd’s Field Hospital

Shepherd’s Field Hospital

In 2012, the Shepherd’s Field Hospital conducted 370 general surgery cases, 321 ENT, 390 gynecology, 49 orthopedic surgery, 45 Urology, 755 deliveries, and 23610 outpatient clinics visits. These figures demonstrate the high demand on our services although we are limited with the present rented facility, our day care clinic and maternity ward is of 15-day care patient’s bed. Health services are delivered by 24 full time staff, 20 contracted visiting doctors for the outpatient clinics, surgery, and gynecology.

Social cases receive our services free of charge, we treat between 45-50 social cases monthly. We are able to deliver this program due to partnership with charitable institutions such as Caritas, Bible Collage, and the Latin Patriarchate. These charitable organizations refer to us social cases they encounter and pay 50% of the cost and the cooperative pays the other half.

 Our future strategic plan goals (2012-2017)  

  1. Building the General Surgical Hospital

 To construct and operate a General Surgery Hospital of 40 patient’s bed with all needed services required by the Ministry of Health for licensing with future capacity to add more patients’ beds. The medical complex will be of four stories building (basement, ground floor, first and second floors of a total building area of 2400 m2. Major units are, trauma center, delivery ward, and surgery ward,ICU , out patient’s clinics, laboratory, x ray unit and all other needed facilities such as offices, nursing stations, recovery rooms, newborn nursery and all the needed infrastructures for sterilization, laundry, kitchen and doctors/nurses lodging.

 First phase (skeleton work) is under work now and will be completed in April 2014.  The first phase funds are secured and we are fund raising for the second phase (finishing work) as well as the third phase (furnishing and equipments)The project is expected to cost around $ 9.167.000 million; Construction work: $1,000,000, Finishing work : $3,167,000, and around $5.000.000 million in furnishing and equipments.

 Upgrade the present medical files to an electronic “patient’s record files” and institutionalize an internal net that connect all the departments together and produce a chronological patient’s record files which will facilitate medical follow ups, case histories and reporting/referring procedures. 

  1. -Develop and implement medical protocols in accordance to internationally accepted and recognized practices and the Palestinian Ministry of Health guidelines’.

Protocols will insure that all required and needed medical/nursing and follow ups procedures are met by the hospital staff. Our major investment in this activity is to train our medical staff on the impotence of applying these protocols and procedures as well as to routines these protocols in their daily work.

  1. Institutional development and capacity building

Institutional development and training the present staff as well as recruiting professional staff constitute a major aspect of our work. Without a knowledgeable and committed staff we believe that our efforts will not yield long and sustainable results. In this activity we are planning to develop institutional charter, working policies, clear job descriptions, clear line of institutional supervision and decision making. Financial and institutional planning, reporting, budgeting and forecasts of revenue and expenses will also be institutionalized in our daily work. Staff training within the developed chart and working policies will be conducted internally. This activity will be developed in a participatory approach that will insure the participation and accepting of board, staff and identified general assembly members.

Cooperation and working with funding organizations

 At our society and to achieve our vision of qualitative and affordable health services to our members and the community at large, we adopted a working policy that allows us to operate cost effective were our running/operational costs are covered from our income and depends on funding agencies for our developmental needs. Over the years we developed a broad network with local and international agencies for the benefit of our hospital and patients.

The following tables illustrate our experience in working with national and international funding agencies over the last three years and were able to meet their financial and reporting requirements.


Project name:


Grant amount


Community health education program

التثقيف الصحي

Palestinian Health Reform and Development Project (Flagship project) USAID

الشعب الامريكي

$ 70.000

Health services for the poor

خدمات طبية للفقراء

Pontifical Mission Palestine

البعثة البابوية

Euro 25,000

Delivery room equipment

معدات لقسم التوليد

British Embassy

القنسلية البرطانية

Euro 10,000

Medical equipment

اجهزة طبية

Palestinian Health Reform and Development project USAID

الشعب الامريكي


Digital X ray machine

جهاز اشعة رقمي

Human security project/ Japanese Representative Office 

الممثلية اليابنية


Community health education program

التثقيف الصحي

OPEC Fund for International Development



Hospital Building Project

مشروع بناء المستفى

Arab Fund for Economic And Social Development

الصندوق العربي للنماء الاقتصادي الكويت


2012 contracted
Hospital Building Project

شروع بناء المستفى

United Arab Emirates Charitable Organization

هيئة الاعمال الخيرية البرطانية


2012 contracted
Laparoscopy surgical system upgrade 

جهاز منظار جراحي

Human security project/ Japanese Representative Office 

ا الممثلية اليابنية

$ 98,700

Hospital Building Project

مشروع بناء المستفى

Andalusia Agency for International Development Cooperation

التعاون الاندلسي


2012 contracted
Community health education project

التثقيف الصحي

Pontifical Mission

البعثة البابوية

$ 18,000